Ep #41 Explore The Top Remote Jobs and Business Ideas

podcast Mar 02, 2023

In episode #41 we explore the top remote jobs and business ideas that could work for you.

This episode kicks off a new series for the month. All the episodes this month will include resources, tips, and action steps to give you better guidance to find the right opportunities.

I don't love giving people lists because often that's too limiting, or the jobs don't match your skills or interests. It's always best to start with your own skillset, what you want to do, or are interested in first, and then see what's available in the job market. 

But for some people, some people need a list as a jumping-off point, which is what this episode is all about!

Be sure to review episodes 37-40 as well to make sure you focus on reinventing yourself before you dive into applying for jobs or starting a side business.

As I go through the lists, don't get discouraged. Just because you don't hear your job title or industry, it doesn't;t mean you won't be successful in what you do. I know so many people who do a lot of jobs that aren't on this list.

Here are the top industries right now according to Flexjobs:


  • Computer & IT
  • Marketing
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Project Management
  • Medical & Health
  • HR & Recruiting
  • Customer Service

Here are the top remote jobs or business ideas right now and just some of the skills associated with each one.

  • Accountant = accounting skills, detailed oriented, accuracy.
  • Executive Assistant = could be anything from scheduling, email management, social media and more!
  • Customer Service Representative-= good with people, problem solving, etc.
  • Senior Financial Analyst = financial skills, attention to detail, math, Excel, communicating complex information. 
  • Recruiter = good communication skills, relationship building, organized.
  • Project Manager = organization skills, Microsoft projects or Asana, Trello, keeping up on deadlines, working with people.
  • Technical Writer = interprets information, write steps, detail-oriented, and follow a process.
  • Product Marketing Manager = communication, marketing, deadline-driven, results-oriented. 
  • Customer Success Manager = service oriented, resolving conflicts, problem-solving, improving customer experience.
  • Graphic Designer = a design eye, translating complex ideas into a visual representation, can work with different tools like Canva.

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