Ep #33: Top 5 Remote Work and Business Predictions for 2023

podcast Jan 03, 2023
Top 5 Remote Work and Business Predictions for 2023

In this episode, I share my top remote work and business predictions for 2023 and what you can do to be better prepared for these opportunities.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • My Top 5 Remote Work Predictions For 2023
  • How my remote work experience has led me to make these remote work & business predictions
  • 3+ ideas to take actions steps on so you're ready for 2023

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

Today I will share my top five predictions in this episode and then in the following 3 episodes, I will give you action steps to take to get yourself in a better position to take advantage of these opportunities.

You may be hearing in the news that we're headed for a recession in 2023.

Maybe we're headed for some more troubled waters in 2023, but as long as you are prepared you can stay one step ahead.

Here are the top 5 predictions for 2023"

#1 The Great Unretirement. What it means is people will be coming out of retirement and either back into the workforce or doing their own thing with either a remote business or doing something on the side. The reasons for this are higher inflation, a rocky stock market, and employers still looking for talent.

#2 More people will be starting side businesses, if not full businesses, but I actually think that side businesses are going to become more of the norm than people going all in on one business. One of the reasons is that business is hard and working for someone is hard. A little of both can protect you from the ebbs and flows of the economy.

#3 Prediction number three is remote work burnout. In the last few years if you started working remotely we all experienced isolation, and a lack of connection to other human beings. Also, working on a computer all day long can be a pretty dreadful experience. Not saying that you're someone who will definitely experience this like me or other people, but just know that you have to find the balance somewhere. Force yourself to get out & build those social networks, to get sunlight because just something as simple as 15 minutes of sunlight every day can really help offset some of the negatives that you might experience from remote work.

4. The fourth one is remote work becomes very customized. This is what I think remote work turns into, and that is that everyone finds the right situation for themselves. Whether that's working full-time remotely. Part-time remotely, whether that's hybrid and you go into the office sometimes, whether that's you have a "real job" that's full-time and you have a side business.

5. And last, but not least is the biggest one and the one that I'm most excited about. That is artificial intelligence, and how it changes the game for everyone and reshapes work well into the future. I'm excited about some new tools that I think can change the game for things like your job search, how you position your resume, how you write things like cover letters, and how you search for a job. ChatGPT is a free AI tool. Try it out!

My whole goal is to help people stay one step ahead of trends and predictions so that they can always position themselves well. So we're gonna wrap up today's episode, but don't worry, we're gonna go deeper In all of the remaining episodes this month, I'll go deeper into tips to help you position yourself for all these predictions in 2023.

But let me leave you with these three things so that you have some action steps for today.

Tip Number 1, make sure you have a remote work resume. It's a specific type of resume. Click here to see an example of a remote work resume. make sure that you are on LinkedIn because that's where the AI, the artificial intelligence is happening.

Tip number 2. If you haven't started yet, you need to start thinking about a side business or other ways that you can earn income. And if you wanna get started with some great episodes, go back and listen to episodes 24 through 27 on this show.

And finally, tip number 3 is to protect yourself from remote work burnout. I talked a lot about how you can do that. I wanna leave you with that is something that I think is really, really important. So start generating ideas about how you can get away from the computer.

One last bonus tip is to sign up for ChatGPT and start playing with AI because the more that you play with those tools, you can put those tools on your resume as tools that you know and that will help you get seen in those remote work searches.

Join me next week where we will dig deeper into all of these predictions and tips to help you get going for 2023.

See you then.

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