Ep 24: How To Turn Your Hobby Into a Side Business (or Supplemental Income)

podcast Nov 01, 2022
How To Turn Your Hobby Into a Side Business (or Supplemental Income)

In this episode, I share how you can turn your hobby into a side business, or simply use it for supplemental income!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to get started turning your hobby into a side business.
  • How to take a hobby, learn more about it to increase what services you offer, and how much you charge.
  • The best way to take a hobby, turn it into a business, and still enjoy your hobby.

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[:37] I share how I restructured my podcast in October into an episodic series. The first Wednesday of each month will be the usual 30-minute podcast. I am calling this the wheel. The rest of the Wednesdays of the month will be the spokes. This is where we will dive deeper into specific topics from the main podcast. I want to provide you will all of the resources you need to live an independent life.

[1:00] The month of November we will be about how to turn your hobby or hobbies into a side business or supplemental income.

[1:20] This series is inspired by a stranger turned friend, Brandi. Since this is the season of being grateful I thought that November would be a great month to highlight Brandi's story, and how it intersects with one of my goals. Learning to sew! 

[3:00] Sit back and find out why I want to learn to sew, and how I met Brandi!

[8:10] Now, let me tell you how we met! One day on our neighborhood Facebook group Brandi said she was going to give sewing lessons, and would anyone be interested. Of course, I thought finally I can learn to sew.

[10:50] I know we are getting to the good stuff! Brandi is working 3 jobs, and she decided to make her sewing hobby her 4th income stream. Find out how Brandi did a 180 in her career path 3 years ago and became a seamstress like her mother & grandmother.

[14:30] Not only does Brandi sew, but she also designs clothes. And she started an Etsy shop! So let's dig deeper into the specifics of the particulars of income streams.

[17:40] In Brandi's three-year journey to multiple revenue streams she has taken a hobby and opened it up to teaching other people, designing & selling her products. She is doing "somethings" even though they may not be the right things. But, the "somethings" will lead to the right things! 

[18:00] Etsy has turned out not to be the right thing for her. She has figured out she needs her own platform. Whether it is a website or an email list you need to find what works for you,

[21:00] This is why I am so thankful for meeting Brandi, and I think we have a lot to offer each other. She can teach me how to sew, and when she is ready to take her business to the next level I can help her.

[21:45] While Brandi's story is not "remote" right now sometimes we have to back the train up and do what we have to do until we can turn that job into a remote one. Brandi and I have discussed so many ideas to turn her one-on-one sewing lessons into a remote business. 

[23:00] Here is the #1 mistake I see people make who want to turn a hobby into a business. They want to "replace" their income with income from the hobby. Why is this bad? Because you do not know if your hobby business will make enough money to replace your full-time income. Another downside is that your hobby might not be fun anymore if it is your business.

[24:20] Instead take your hobby, and turn it into something that you can earn supplemental income. Just some! Don't think so big that you give up before you even get started.

[26:00] So where do you start? Here are a couple of little tips to get you thinking about your hobbies, and where they can lead. Go back to episodes 20 to 23 where I dig deeper into how to identify skills and make a list. If you already know what hobby you want to turn into a business intake it one step further and brainstorm all the different ways you can make money from that one hobby. Come up with 3 to 5 ways you can generate income from your hobby. Let your brain wonder!

[30:45] Thanks for joining me today, and I hope this will help you on your journey to turning your hobby into an income stream. I hope you will join me next week when we will dig deeper into making a supplemental income from a hobby(s). Have a great week friends!!

[29:30] One more thing! Pause when you can this month, and be grateful for the tiniest little thing. Thank you, and I am grateful for you! See you next time.

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