5 Reasons Why You Are More Qualified to Work Remotely Than You Think

blog qualified Mar 01, 2021

So many people come to me and say that they don't think they can work remotely because they:

  • don't have the skills 
  • have never worked remotely
  • think that they can't make enough money to work remotely
  • they're not going to find the right job 
  • they can only find low paying jobs

One of the things I like to talk about is changing your mindset. There's a lot of head noise around this whole remote work life. 

I really want to get away from the more practical stuff and I want to get into more of the inspirational side, because I think that it's important that you feel inspired, too. 

The practical stuff is really important, but I think equally important is that you feel motivated and excited about remote work and a flexible life, and you're not just mired in the how-to’s. 

Let’s spend some time really envisioning the future and thinking about what's important to you and why you're even on this journey in the first place. You have to connect to the bigger vision and let that fuel you because the how-tos will come. But if you're not connected to your why, and if you're really lacking in the vision of this new life that you're planning for yourself, then the how-to’s can really bog you down. 

Let’s start by reconnecting you with why you are more qualified than you think for remote work.

  1. You Have A Lifetime of Experience 

The first thing I want to talk to you about is why you're more qualified than you think to work remotely...it’s because you have a lifetime of experience! I mean, let's just get real for a minute. You're still on the planet. This means you have a wealth of skill sets that you can draw from that you can use in different real life experiences.

I'm not just talking about skill sets, like you know how to do Excel or you're a project manager or you do taxes or whatever skills you have. I'm talking about bigger picture skills, life skills. I'm talking about your ability to thrive in life, your ability to go out there and live your dreams, your ability to create your future. Plus all the other transferable skills that you have that got you this far in life.

For more inspiration check out this article about How to get remote work at any age (links to article #2).

These are your strengths! You really need to reconnect to your strengths because while your technical skills are important and they are necessary to do a job, but equally important, if not more important, are the life skills that you have that are really going to help you thrive in a remote job.

These skills are actually even more important when you work remotely because you have to work independently. When you work remotely, you're not on a team, you can't rely on your coworker next to you for answers, you have to take initiative. You have to be self-reliant. These are all things you already have because you're still here on the planet. I want you to reconnect to those skills within yourself because they will come in handy.

  1. You Have a Gift 

Now, the second reason you're more qualified to work remotely than you think is because you have a gift. You have more than one gift, but let's just start with one. 

I’m a firm believer that everyone on the earth has gifts. We all have something really unique and really valuable to offer. And you have to figure out what it is for you. You might already know what it is.

What is your gift to this world? I can tell you mine. I'm a really great listener. And I do feel like that is a unique gift because I think that deep listening is not something that a lot of people know how to do. I'm trained in it. I actually went to school for listening. I got a master's degree in counseling and I am literally trained to listen to people at a very deep level. And that is a gift because when people feel heard, they feel valued. 

  1. People Ask You Things

Now, if you're struggling to figure that out, I want to give you an exercise. What do people ask you about? What do people always want your advice on and your guidance on? The reason they're asking you that question is because you offer them something. 

So if you're struggling to figure out what your gift is, then think about what people are always asking you about. What knowledge are they hoping to get from you? That is a way to recognize your own gifts

  1. Whatever Lights You Up Can Be Valuable 

Next, you can think about what lights you up. What do you love to do? Whatever you love to do is likely in alignment with who you are—meaning what you're good at and what really fuels you. 

That's another way to know what your gift is. Another gift of mine is teaching. I love teaching and coaching. I love being a part of someone else's growth. 

Take a few minutes to write down what lights you up.

  1. You Showed Up! 

This last one is so simple, yet so powerful. You’re more qualified than you think to work remotely is because you're reading this! 

You showed up today. That tells me a couple of things. Number one, you're committed to yourself. You're committed to your own process. And just you showing up and reading this tells me that you have the mindset to make this work. Another indicator of this is that you are reading this online. You are literally working remotely right now!


I could have written this article to focus more on your skill set or work accomplishments. But I know that the secret to remote work success isn’t so much about what you can do, as much as it is about what you believe you can do. And that starts with reconnecting with your lifetime of experiences, your unique gifts, what people naturally seek you out for, and what you enjoy. Lastly, remember that if you took the initiative to read this article, you have what it takes to work remotely. 

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