How to Earn Income Writing Books: An Interview With Sharee Collier

blog Jun 20, 2023

Show Notes - Episode 55: Writing and Selling Books on Amazon with Sharie Collier


  • The episode features an interview with Sharee Collier, an author who sells books on Amazon for side income.


  • Sharee Collier shares her journey of creating multiple income sources and her experience writing and selling books on Amazon.
  • She talks about her various ventures, including traveling in an RV, blogging, running summits, and being a project manager.
  • Sharee's interest in writing started early, and she wanted to be an author since she was young.
  • She wrote her first book in 2018 after several years of RV travel and blogging about her experiences.
  • To tackle the overwhelming task of writing a book, Sharie started by creating a table of contents and filling in the content she already had from her blog posts.
  • She emphasizes the importance of organizing thoughts logically and breaking down the writing process into manageable steps.
  • Self-publishing on Amazon was the chosen route for Sharee, given her limited audience and starting from scratch.


  • Sharee Collier's journey demonstrates the need to create alternative income sources in today's job market.
  • The episode highlights the value of writing and self-publishing books on platforms like Amazon.
  • Listeners are encouraged to explore writing as a means of income generation and self-expression.

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