Flip Into $500: How To Earn an Extra $500 (or more) a Month on eBay

blog Jun 22, 2023

Episode 56: Flip Into $500: How To Earn an Extra $500 (or more) a Month on eBay


  • Introduce the episode as part of the Remote Work Retirement Show, dedicated to helping retirees explore remote work options for financial independence.
  • Mention the upcoming workshop called "Flip into 500" on eBay Flipping, developed by Sir Isaac Smith and the host.
  • Highlight that the workshop offers a unique "pay what you want" pricing for the first round, emphasizing the desire to test and gather feedback.


  • Recap of the previous episode featuring Sherie Collier, who discussed writing and selling books on Amazon as a source of income.
  • Explain that the current episode focuses on eBay flipping as another side income opportunity.
  • Introduce Sir Isaac Smith, a former member of remote work school and the podcast producer, who shares his journey of transitioning from a bus driver to a successful eBay flipper.

Sir Isaac Smith's Journey:

  • Sir Isaac Smith discovered eBay flipping in 2016 as a means to supplement his income while being a full-time student.
  • His interest in studying various business models and how he found recreational fulfillment in exploring reselling opportunities.
  • he quickly achieved proof of concept and started making the required monthly income, reducing his reliance on savings.
  • The organic growth of Sir Isaac's eBay flipping business and how he unintentionally discovered his aptitude for teaching others.

Collaboration and Workshop:

  • Mention the casual conversation between the host and Sir Isaac that led to the idea of creating a workshop based on eBay flipping.
  • Emphasize the potential of eBay flipping as an accessible income stream for many people.
  • Introduce the "Flip into 500" workshop, set to occur on June 28th, 2023.
  • Highlight the experimental nature of the workshop with a "pay what you want" pricing model.
  • Explain the workshop's goals: helping participants generate a part-time income through eBay flipping, providing options for those with or without initial capital, and enabling scalability for those interested in expanding their income streams.


  • Encourage listeners to join the workshop and explore eBay flipping as a viable income source.
  • Mention the host's personal experience with Sir Isaac's previous version of the workshop and how it benefited her and her husband.
  • Reinforce the overarching theme of the Remote Work Retirement Show, which focuses on diversifying income streams for financial stability and independence.
  • Express excitement for future developments and opportunities in eBay flipping and other side income options.

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