Ep 70 13 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools You Need to Know 4 of 4

blog Sep 27, 2023

In episode 70, we'll explore 13 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools that I either use or plan to use soon. This episode is Part 4 of 4 in our series about remote work and AI.


Welcome to the Remote Work Retirement Show, the podcast that helps semi-retirees navigate remote work options. Remote work is the new retirement plan, enabling retirees to live life on their terms. Let's dive into today's episode.


AI Tools Overview

Today, we conclude our four-part series on remote work and artificial intelligence. In episodes 67, 68, and 69, we discussed the importance of these topics and how to upskill in the modern digital workforce. Now, we'll provide you with a list of AI tools to enhance your remote work experience.

This episode is brought to you by my brand-new AI program called the AI Skillet. It is now open and it's open until I want to say October 2nd is probably when the doors will close. Now, this is an AI skills lab and a small group experience to learn and apply AI tools. And learn AI skills in that cohort, you will learn many of the tools that I'm going to talk about today and together we will explore the core AI tools in a lab, like experience. And use them to produce cool stuff like eBooks presentation, decks workshops, and more, you will get practical, real world AI skills that you can put on your resume. LinkedIn or even create a service that you can sell. So, click the link in the show notes to join. Now, if you're catching this episode after the program closes. You will be redirected to a waitlist where you can sign up for the next one. Okay, so let's get into it. 

Understanding AI's Uniqueness

It's challenging to narrow down this list as there are thousands of AI tools available. AI is already integrated into everyday tools like Alexa, Roomba, Tesla, and the internet, with continuous updates and improvements. Even familiar tools are evolving with new AI features. Embracing these tools is crucial for staying relevant in today's digital work environment.

Organizing the AI Tools

Instead of presenting a random list of tools, I'll discuss both the tools I currently use and those I plan to adopt soon. These tools fall into various categories:

  1. General and Writing AI Tools
  2. Graphics and Art Tools
  3. Content Tools (Including Audio and Video Production)
  4. Project Management Tools
  5. Social Media Tools
  6. Bonus Tool

Now, let's dive into each category and explore the AI tools within them.

General and Writing AI Tools (Category 1)

  1. Chat GPT: This powerful tool is used for natural language understanding, making it versatile for various applications, including chatbots and simplifying tasks like meal planning or complex problem-solving.

  2. Copy AI: A tool for generating written content such as blog posts, product descriptions, and marketing copy, providing valuable assistance to business owners and content creators.

  3. Grammarly: An established tool for checking grammar, spelling, punctuation errors, and enhancing writing style. It streamlines the editing process for emails, presentations, and more.

Graphics and Art Tools (Category 2)

  1. Canva: A versatile tool offering templates, graphics, and content creation capabilities for various purposes, including social media, presentations, and more. It simplifies creative work.

  2. Mid Journey: A tool for generating original art and images based on prompts, offering a unique approach to creative expression and design.

  3. Dall-e: Another image generation tool that enhances existing images, creates variations, and amplifies your creative potential.

Content Tools (Category 3: Audio and Video Production)

  1. Loom: Record your screen and instantly create videos, complete with features like video chapters and transcripts, enhancing communication and content creation.

  2. Descript: This all-in-one tool records audio and video, provides transcriptions, and simplifies the editing process, streamlining content creation.

  3. Video: A tool for repurposing video content, making it suitable for various social media platforms by automatically generating smaller clips with captions and branding.

Project Management Tools (Category 4)

  1. Notion: A flexible project management tool allowing users to create customized workflows, notes, and predictions through AI features, catering to individual preferences.

  2. ClickUp: A versatile project management tool with AI capabilities for easy document creation, suggestions, progress tracking, and organization.

Social Media (Category 5)

  1. Metrical: An efficient social media tool for scheduling content, suggesting hashtags, and simplifying the posting process, even on a free plan.

Bonus: Create Your AI Tool (Category 6)

  1. Custom AI Tool: You can create your own AI tool without coding knowledge, enabling you to tailor AI to your specific needs and tasks.

Did you know that you can create your own AI tool? Maybe it's a chat bot. Maybe it's. It's something else. But these days you can create tools that are custom to you that do what you want it to do without knowing code. That's what's so powerful about the AI revolution right now is it's leveling the playing field for everybody to get involved. It's not just for developers and coders and smarty pants, people it's for like the everyday Joe and Jane. Like me, because I don't know code, I don't know.

Listen, if I can adopt these tools. Most people can. So don't be intimidated. Pick a tool off this list. Start with chat TPT. If you're not sure. Then maybe go to Canva. Cause that's a fun one. That's a real fun one to really get to learn. Uh, maybe use a simple tool like Grammarly to improve your writing. Or better yet. Come join the AI skillet program where we will be experimenting with a lot of these tools. So, there you have it. Those are the 13 AI tools that I use that other people use and that you should use or dabble in.


These 13 AI tools are your gateway to a more efficient and creative remote work experience. Whether you're a seasoned remote worker or just starting, adopting these tools gradually can enhance your skills and productivity. Embrace the AI revolution, and don't hesitate to explore these tools to stay ahead of the trends. Join the AI Skillet program for hands-on learning and practical AI skills that you can apply to your career.

Now, it's time to have some fun experimenting with these AI tools!

I hope you found this episode helpful and now go have some fun. If you are fascinated by AI and want to be an early adopter so that you can stay ahead of the trends. I invite you to join my new program. The AI skillet. This is a small group of no more than 20 people. And together we will explore the core AI tools like the ones in today's episode. This will be a lab, like experience where we produce cool stuff like eBooks presentation, decks workshops, and more. This will get you practical, real world AI skills that you can put on your resume. LinkedIn or even create a service that you can sell. Click the link in the show notes to join or join the wait list. If you missed this round."

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