Ep 74 How I Used My A.I. Voice Because I Got the Flu

blog Oct 24, 2023

In episode 74, I used my artificial intelligence voice to record this because I got the flu.

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You’re listening to the Remote Work Retirement Show, the only show that helps semi-retirees figure out their remote work options. I believe that remote work is the new retirement plan, and that many retirees have both the ability and desire to work how they want, so they can live how they want. Let’s dig into the episode.

Hello, and welcome back. Sometimes, things don't always go as planned. In fact, if I were a betting person, I'd bet that things rarely go as planned.

Today, I had planned to teach how to write effective prompts so that you could get better responses from AI tools like Chat GPT.

But, as life would have it, I got the flu. So I quickly pivoted to Plan B, which was to use my artificial intelligence voice to at least produce a podcast. Now, I know that no one wants to hear my robot voice for a whole episode, so I'll keep it short.

But let me tell you how I produced this just in case you want to dabble in something like this.

I am using Descript, a robust AI audio and video tool used by many podcasters. I was able to record my real voice many months ago to train Descript on how I sound. Then I typed the notes for this episode and assigned my voice to read it. It took less than 20 minutes.

As you can hear, it's not perfect. I plan to record my voice again in the future with more inflection, so it sounds more natural. But in a pinch, it's nice to have this option.

I think that AI technology like this can be so helpful for people who are health compromised. In my case, I have the flu and will recover. But imagine how something like this could be so helpful for people with serious health conditions. I believe that AI could literally save people who otherwise would not be able to work without assistance. I'll talk more about that in the coming weeks.

For today, I'll wrap it up, and by next week, I will return with our normally scheduled episode all about writing effective prompts.

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