Ep 73 Are People Really That Interested in A.I.?

blog Oct 25, 2023

In episode 73, we evaluate the responses from a survey I sent to my subscribers, asking if they really have an interest in AI. Then, we discuss what it all means.

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Welcome back to the Remote Work Retirement Show, the only show that helps retirees figure out their remote work options. I firmly believe that remote work is the new retirement plan, and many retirees have the ability and desire to work on their terms so they can live life the way they want. Let's dive into today's episode.

This month is a free skate month – think of it like the roller rink's free skate, where you can do your thing to the music. I'm embracing this spontaneity because I've launched my new program, the AI Skillet, an AI skills lab, and I want to share what I learn in real-time with you. While I had planned to discuss effective prompts, we'll postpone it by a week as we're already exploring it in the Skillet. We're learning how to create prompts for various AI roles, and we're even experimenting with AI-generated images. So, stay tuned for that.

Today, I want to discuss a survey I sent out to our subscribers last week, specifically about their interest in the AI Skillet program. I reached out to those who chose not to join this round, seeking to understand their reasons for not enrolling, and whether they consider AI important. The results are intriguing, and they may prompt you to take action. But before I delve into the results, let me share some recent experiences of AI encounters that frequently happen to me, showcasing its practical applications in everyday life. These stories aim to demystify AI and help you understand its real-world usage.

One recent encounter involved a discussion with a representative at a global village event, where they were incorporating AI and augmented reality into a new theater project. It's exciting to see AI become an integral part of artistic and creative ventures. This representative demonstrated how he had trained his AI chatbot, Chatty PT, in his language model. What stood out was how he used AI to adapt to his needs, a concept I hadn't fully considered. AI's multimodal capabilities allowed me to converse with his AI, and it responded in the model he trained. This demonstrated how practical and adaptable AI can be when harnessed effectively.

Now, let's get into the survey and its results.

I sent out the survey to understand why people were or weren't interested in the AI Skillet program. The first question asked if they considered enrolling during the promotion. Nearly 50% said "Yes," 38% said "No," and 15% indicated that they were unaware of the program. This response was promising, as it showed a significant interest in AI, especially when compared to similar surveys about remote work.

Next, we asked those who answered "Yes" but didn't join to briefly explain their reasons. The responses varied, with common themes being cost and time constraints. Interestingly, some felt overwhelmed by AI and questioned its practical use, highlighting the importance of making AI education more accessible and approachable.

We also inquired about why those who answered "No" had no interest in the program. Responses included concerns about the investment's value and not having an immediate use for AI. This emphasizes the need to clarify the importance of AI education and its long-term benefits.

When asked if they wanted to learn more about artificial intelligence, 79% responded with "Yes." This suggests that, despite hesitations, people are curious and open to exploring AI, which is a positive sign for its adoption.

On a scale of one to five, with five being the highest, we asked how important they thought learning AI was right now. About 80% rated it as a four or five, indicating that people recognize AI's importance, even if they have reservations.

We then questioned if they would enroll in an AI program if it helped them get remote work, a better job, or more efficient business operations. Approximately 50% responded with "Yes," but it's worth noting that 33% said "No," revealing some hesitation to invest in AI education.

We also inquired about the amount respondents would be willing to invest in an AI program, with the most common response being around $250, showcasing a general willingness to invest in their AI education.

Finally, the open question allowed respondents to share additional thoughts. Responses ranged from encouragement and support to expressions of nervousness about AI's future. This reinforces the importance of demystifying AI and demonstrating its practical applications.

In conclusion, people are curious about AI, but many are still on the fence, possibly due to concerns about cost, time, and overwhelm. However, the survey indicates that people recognize the importance of AI education. As AI continues to evolve and become more accessible, we can expect more individuals to embrace it as a part of their everyday lives.

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