How To Earn Great Income With a Sticker Shop on Etsy

blog Jul 03, 2023

In this episode, I interview Kimi Kensey, a serial online entrepreneur who has been making money remotely for the past 20 years.

One of Kimi's income streams is a sticker business she runs on Etsy and today, she sits down to talk about her business and how she got started making a profit off of such a niche market.

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Kimi Kinsey begins by discussing her background as an online entrepreneur and her decision to pursue non-traditional employment. She mentions that she has been involved in online work since her teenage years and eventually transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship six years ago.

Kimi explains that she was looking for a creative outlet and a hands-on project to engage in. She mentions her lack of craftiness but expresses a desire to explore something new. After being inspired by a friend's successful Etsy shop, Kimi decided to give it a try. With her background in graphic design and the availability of a Cricut machine, she believed she could create and sell stickers.

Kimi acknowledges that while some individuals may have a natural inclination towards business, anyone with basic internet skills and a willingness to learn can succeed. She emphasizes the importance of having access to information, such as courses and online resources, to facilitate the learning process.

Kimi shares that she offers courses on starting an Etsy shop, particularly focusing on sticker businesses. She believes in making the information accessible to people and setting realistic expectations. Her courses cover topics such as materials needed, production processes, and investment requirements. By sharing her knowledge and eliminating guesswork, Kimi aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs save time and money.

Throughout the interview, Kimi and I discuss the growing popularity of Etsy as a platform for selling various products, not limited to craft items. There is a wide range of offerings and the potential for success in different niches. Kimi shares her positive experiences with Etsy and mentions that people buy everything from physical items to digital templates on the platform.

The conversation touches on the broader context of online entrepreneurship and the evolving nature of work. Many people in my audience are retirees or individuals seeking supplemental income through alternative means. Kimi's story of leaving traditional employment to pursue online businesses resonates with this demographic.

In summary, the interview with Kimi Kinsey sheds light on her journey as an online entrepreneur and her successful Etsy sticker shop. She highlights the accessibility and potential profitability of selling stickers on Etsy. Kimi emphasizes the importance of basic internet skills, a willingness to learn, and access to relevant information for aspiring entrepreneurs. By sharing her experiences and teaching courses, Kimi aims to help others navigate the process of starting an Etsy shop and save time and resources along the way.

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