Episode 58 Building a Resume for the Digital Age

blog Aug 16, 2023


In episode 58, I'm excited to kick off this month by sharing how I'm in the process of building my brand-new mini course, the "Resume Power Hour." Welcome to the Remote Work Retirement Show, the podcast dedicated to guiding semi-retirees in navigating remote work options. I'm a firm believer that remote work has become the modern retirement plan, offering retirees the flexibility to work on their terms and live life to the fullest.

Let's dive right into today's episode. I'm thrilled to announce that this episode is sponsored by my latest creation, the "Resume Power Hour" mini course. There's nothing quite as daunting as staring at a blank page, whether physical or digital, and pondering how to effectively showcase your accomplishments to secure that dream job. Having worked with thousands of individuals over my two-decade career, assisting them in crafting winning resumes, honing interview skills, and achieving career growth, I recognized the common struggles many face.

This recognition prompted me to create the "Resume Power Hour" with the aim of guiding you from an empty document to a polished resume in about an hour. Throughout the course, you'll gain insights into how AI systems interpret resumes, uncover what hiring managers seek, and leverage my templates and AI to expedite your resume-building process.

Feel free to explore the link provided in the show notes to find out more. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the start of a new month. We're already in the third quarter, and half of 2023 has either passed or remains ahead, depending on your perspective. This year has already been quite the rollercoaster, and I've covered a wide array of topics on this podcast.

From reinventing oneself for remote work to essential online tools for remote work, even delving into launching online businesses powered by AI, making extra income through platforms like eBay, and uncovering unconventional avenues such as sticker sales. With so much ground covered, I felt it's the perfect time to return to the fundamentals and discuss an age-old topic: resumes.

Admittedly, resumes may not be the most captivating subject. Many would prefer discussing starting businesses or my previous episode on generating full-time income via unconventional means, like sticker sales, which garnered considerable interest. However, resumes are the foundation of your career, potentially even your identity. Despite their importance, they often evoke anxiety among individuals.

People dread resume-building. I've witnessed countless individuals tell me, "I know it should be straightforward, but it feels so challenging." Now, I have a little secret to share—I too find it challenging. Frankly, I find it much more gratifying to help others with their resumes than to tackle my own. Nevertheless, I've amassed an arsenal of invaluable tools and techniques to alleviate this discomfort.

Will it ever become the most enjoyable task? Likely not, but I'm here to minimize the burden. Furthermore, emerging tools like Artificial Intelligence and tools like ChatGPT, Bard Binging, and resume AI tools are infusing an element of enjoyment into the process. Dare I say it—crafting a resume can actually be fun!

All of these considerations have culminated in the inception of my "Resume Power Hour" mini course. Throughout this month, I'll guide you through the course content, offering you a comprehensive experience. This month serves a dual purpose. For those itching to refine their resumes, you're in luck! I'll be breaking down the process into digestible segments.

Conversely, if the mere thought of resumes makes you shudder, fret not. My episodes will provide insight into the course's development, affording you a behind-the-scenes peek into how I'm structuring the "Resume Power Hour." Essentially, you're in for a double treat.

Today, let's establish the groundwork for the inception of this course. In upcoming episodes, I'll delve into lessons that will assist you in crafting your resume, selecting appropriate components, templates, and even utilizing AI. This month promises an auditory journey akin to experiencing the course. If you're an enthusiast of this format, you're in for a treat.

However, if you're still unsure, remember, you have the option to acquire "Resume Power Hour" for yourself. A link in the show notes will guide you. The course is reasonably priced as it extracts the invaluable resume lessons from my broader program, Remote Work School. I understand some find the cost of the comprehensive program challenging, so this standalone course caters to those with a narrower focus.

Feel free to peruse the link for more information. Now, allow me to delve into the course's origin. Drawing from content within Remote Work School, my goal was to enhance the course's value for solo learners. While Remote Work School entails a vibrant community and coaching, "Resume Power Hour" is designed for independent learners seeking a swift resume solution.

To bolster its standalone status, I integrated additional material. The course is divided into three main checkpoints. Checkpoint one encompasses job searching techniques, the modern landscape of digital job hunting, and strategies to outmaneuver application bots or applicant tracking systems.

Understanding the intricacies of these algorithms will undoubtedly enhance your application's chances. Furthermore, I unravel the nuances of job descriptions, guiding you to design your resume around key requirements. All of this is covered in under 20 minutes, reflecting my commitment to efficient learning.

Moving on to checkpoint two, I introduce the "BEST Resume Framework." The acronym "BEST" holds significance, which I'll delve into in upcoming episodes. This section fundamentally deconstructs the resume process into a methodical recipe. Analogous to following a recipe while cooking, I provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring your resume is constructed with precision.

Lastly, checkpoint three facilitates the completion of your resume through guided videos. Templates, provided to eliminate the daunting blank canvas, are meticulously designed. By following my video instructions, you'll seamlessly embed your information. For added efficiency, I share tips on leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT to expedite this process.

I've also integrated valuable bonuses such as addressing resume gaps and additional AI insights. Although the course is a work in progress, you can access existing content and witness its evolution throughout the month by joining now.

I'd like to extend a special discount to my email subscribers as a token of appreciation. If you're already part of my mailing list, anticipate an email with this exclusive offer. If not, I encourage you to subscribe through the links provided below. This will also grant you access to my free training and, consequently, the exclusive discount.

In conclusion, I've embarked on an exciting journey to develop the "Resume Power Hour" course. This venture represents my endeavor to simplify and expedite resume-building, a task that's often met with apprehension. Join me this month as I guide you through its creation and unravel its lessons. Whether you're eager to elevate your resume or curious about course development, there's something for everyone.

Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to our next episode. For those ready to conquer their resume or attain insights into course creation, don't hesitate to explore "Resume Power Hour" through the provided link. Until next time!

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