Ep 92 How to Use AI Apply to Create Your Resume in Minutes

blog Mar 05, 2024

Join Camille in episode 92 for more AI tool talk.

You're listening to the remote work retirement show. I'm your host, Camille Attell. And this is the only show that helps semi retirees figure out the remote work options. 

I believe the remote work is the new retirement plan and that many retirees have both the ability and desire to work, how they want so they can live how they want. Let's dig into today's episode.... 

In the previous episodes to this one, Camille talked about the applications of AI tools including using them to write your resume and why it’s a good idea. She mentioned the 2 big tools, ChatGPT and Gemini, formerly Bard, that people are using for all kinds of things including resume writing. 

In today’s episode she talks about a new AI tool called AI Apply, that she really, really likes and feels is worth discussing. She came across it in one of the updates of an AI network /newsletters she subscribes to for information on AI tools that hit the market daily.  

Something about this one caught her eye because it feels very much like the way she trains resume writing in her one-line coaching program, Remote Work School. She is going to discuss how this tool seems to understand the pitfalls of resume writing and how to swim the quicksand of algorithms, robots, key words, and little tricks of the trade to get your resume through the virtual door. 


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As always, thank you for tuning in to the Remote Work Retirement Show. I'm Camille Attell, your host, and I'll catch you in the next episode.

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