Ep 90 Should you use AI to write your resume?

blog Feb 14, 2024

In episode 90 Camille asks the question, should you really use AI to write your resume? Well, the answer might surprise you. Find out why in this episode.

You're listening to the remote work retirement show. I'm your host, Camille Attell. And this is the only show that helps semi retirees figure out their remote work options.  I believe that remote work is the new retirement plan and that many retirees have both the ability and desire to work how they want so they can live how they want. Let's dig into today's episode.

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Camille will be sharing an article that appeared in Forbes which speculates as to whether hiring managers are preferring and encouraging AI enhanced resumes. Listen as Camille highlights what she agrees and disagrees with in the article. Look for the link to the article at the end of this episode if you want to read the entire content.  

Once again, Camille brings AI into focus as it applies to the current job market and remote work.


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As always, thank you for tuning in to the Remote Work Retirement Show. I'm Camille Attell, your host, and I'll catch you in the next episode.

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