Ep 9: Full-Time Freedom Week—The Largest Online RV Event—Is Back!

podcast Apr 09, 2022
The largest RV event - full-time-freedom week

This episode is all about the April 2022 Full-Time freedom Week. I interview Stuart Takehara, the new owner and we talk all about the upcoming event. FTFW is a business that I used to co-own with three other partners. We sold it in 2021 and now Stuart is taking it to the next level!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About Full-Time Freedom Week 2022. The longest-running online RV summit.
  • Meet Stuart the new owner (I was one of the original founders)
  • An easy exercise to break perfectionist habits

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[2:00] Introduction to Stuart the new owner of Full-Time Freedom Week

[3:20] Stuart shares his transition from owning two brick-and-mortar businesses to RVing and working from the road. 

[5:20] Background on Full-Time Freedom and my partnership businesses with Julie Chickery, Liz Wilcox, and Lindsay McKenzie.

[6:40] Why Stuart decided to purchase Full-Time Freedom Week, his first online business. He wanted something he could do from the road while he traveled.

[9:50] Stuart provides an overview of what you can expect at the April 2022 Full-Time Freedom Week. Some popular topics include Boondocking, Remote work, creating connections on the road, and more!

[11:50] I share how the connection to a community was so critical to my success of full-time RVing.

[13:20] Stuart provides an overview of what boondocking is—living off the resources of your RV. We talk about public lands, BLM, and how to create community when you boondock.

[16:00] We talk about how 55+ parks and communities are the ones having the most fun with golf carts, parties, and pickleball.  

[17:23] Stuart provides an overview of the speakers and topics. This is a for RVers by RVers summit. There are two panels with both seasoned and newbie RVers. 

[20:40] I share how RVing can be different for people and even for people traveling together. For me it was more of an identity shift while Bryce was on the ultimate vacation. Stuart talks about how this is covered at Full-Time Freedom Week.

[23:00] How the choice to RV can be a big life change and it challenges the model of what we think life is supposed to be.

[24:40] Stuart talks about the different styles of RVing, part-time, some-time, and full-time. It’s more about freedom than how much or little you RV. Traveling this way is very different than a 7-day vacation.

[26:50] Most people adapt to RVing and how RVing and growth go tother. Stuart shares how travel can expand your horizons by seeing other cultures and geographic regions. He talks about how diverse the US is.

[30:00] I share my experiences of how different 

[31:00] Stuart shares the logistic of Full-Time Freedom, which includes the new add RVDreamin app. You can sign up for this FTFW and get instant access to all previous years' events. Go to fulltimefreedomweek.com. Use code “RWS” to get $10 off.

Sign up for Full-Time Freedom Week:


Get $10 off using code “RWS” at checkout. 

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