Ep 83 Remote Work and Business (with Sir Isaac Smith)

blog Dec 27, 2023

You're listening to the remote work retirement show. I'm your host, Camille Attell. And this is the only show that helps semi-retirees figure out the remote work options. 

I believe that remote work is the new retirement plan and that many retirees have both the ability and desire to work, how they want so they can live how they want. Let's dig into today's episode.

In episode 83, the last for 2023, I welcome, for the 3rd or is it the 4th time, Sir Isaac Smith. There is no set agenda for today’s podcast but rather a “let’s see where this conversation goes” freestyle interview. I call Sir Isaac the reigning champion for the number of times he’s been on my show. We started as collaborators around 3 years ago and in the process, have become friends. So, be prepared to have some fun.

Sir Isaac and I actually met when he became a student of Remote Work School, my online coaching and training program. In today’s episode you will hear him describe how that decision gave him the foundation for what he has achieved since. From being a podcast producer (including mine), to eBay seller, for which he developed a course teaching others to do the same, to being an entrepreneur helping a friend with a startup and his in-laws with an estate sale business for their future retirement. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg for his plans in 2024.

So, join me and Sir Isaac as we reminisce as well as look to the future of all that Sir Isaac has and will achieve in the world of remote work, including the incorporation of AI in the future of work.

If you're looking to get back into the workforce, change jobs, work remotely, or learn artificial intelligence, check out my free remote work training so you can get ahead of the trends and stay ahead of the pack. Click the link in the show notes or go to www.camilleattell.com and press the free training button.

As always, thank you for tuning in to the Remote Work Retirement Show. I'm Camille Attell, your host, and I'll catch you in the next episode.

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