Ep #48 From Stay At Home Mom to Vintage Fashion Curator with Chevonne Frank

podcast Apr 19, 2023

This series is called "Founders Over 50" and features people who started a business (or even more than one) after the age of 50 years old. It's my birthday month and to honor that I invited a few guests over 50 to share their business journey.

In this episode, I interview Chevonne Frank who at 57 years old is a vintage fashion reseller and is expanding her brand and business online.

Here are the highlights of our conversation.

Camille: I met Chevonne—an absolute stranger—on Instagram! Let's hear a bit about her.


  • I'm a 57-year-old former stay-at-home mom, married to my high school sweetheart for 37 years with three adult children. 
  • I worked in retail and only had one other job at a bank. But I am creative and need looser parameters. I was an army wife as well. I decided to become a stay-at-home wife because I didn't want my kids in daycare.
  • This gave me the opportunity to dig into my creative side. I have always been a thrifter and fashion has always been a part of my life. Over the years I collected artifacts.
  • Eventually, I started selling vintage clothing on the Internet.

Camille: I see this thread of this being your body as work and you turned it into a business. How did you decide that?


  • This is so funny because I never wanted to make my hobby my job. But once I turned 50 and found freedom, I decided I loved it and it makes me happy.
  • So I started reselling on Etsy and eBay in 2007. My son went to USC and I needed to scale back my spending. So I started to sell things and through the Pandemic we started making more of an income.
  • Then I discovered a co-community of people on Instagram and YouTube. Now I am around people who I have something in common with.
  • After 2020 we started making our trips around thrifting and acquiring vintage items. At one point we thought we'd open an actual brick-and-mortar store.
  • But then we took a road trip and I realized I wanted to travel anytime I wanted. So we started going to vintage markets everywhere and we realized we could do our one pop-up tent!
  • I was so inspired by all the people, even an 80-year-old woman who had been doing it forever.

Camille: I love how you called yourself "retired" and yet you have done so much, including starting a business! I call people like you "working retired" but you are doing it on your terms. Also, while you had some fears, it doesn't seem like they held you back. Is that right?


  • I had imposter syndrome a few months ago and didn't feel like belonged at a show with other resellers. But like everything else in life, you barrel through it. I did not know how to do most things in my life before I did them. So I applied that same thinking to this
  • Fear is just your mind telling you a lie. 

Camille: I interviewed another woman in this series, Lynn, and she shared how your brain is telling you negative things to keep you safe. I love how you just don't listen to that voice.


  • That's exactly it. Sometimes things overwhelm me but I learn from them and apply them to what I am doing now.
  • I have been through so many experiences that I can learn from now and I realize there's nothing I can't do. Your whole life is a learning opportunity that you can apply to what you are doing in this phase.

Camille: When I saw you on Instagram I was by inspired you and I'm wondering how you got over the hump of technology and social media?


  • It was never really a hump for me. I got on Facebook because my son was in Iraq and I needed a way to stay connected with him.
  • Having kids helps with tech. The funny thing is all my kids are over it now.
  • When you have a business though, you need to have some kind of social media presence (Instagram, TikTok) or LinkedIn.
  • I never want to be left behind because I didn't want to get on the bandwagon.
  • You never want to be an "old person" who doesn't get on board. 
  • There's definitely a place for the over-50 crowd on Instagram and social media.
  • I got started simply taking pictures of my outfits. I started small. I wanted to show different ways that retired people could live their best life.
  • My message is "Your life really starts after 50."

Camille: I recall when we first met I left the conversation feeling inspired. I found you to be "fearless" and I don't know if that's true but it looks like way. I went to a thrift store with the "Chevonne Frank" vibe and bought the highest heels I've ever purchased. Your energy translated to me taking action.


  • That's exactly why I do this. 
  • The 25 years old get to do it, but I get to do it too and I actually know some stuff.
  • I'm not trying to go viral or anything. I'm not an influencer. I am there to encourage women over 50 that there is still life out there.
  • So many things happen to us after 50 physically, and emotionally and things mess with your psyche. You have to refocus on what's available to you now.  

Camille: I could do a whole other hour on that! In the last few minutes can you tell us your vision for the few years?


  • Show at as many vintage shows as we can. We are joining Pickwick Vintage Market in Los Angeles. I'm nervous and excited.
  • We are joining another one in June and get our name out there.
  • We are starting our website early this summer.
  • Our ultimate goal is to travel the world and source vintage items
  • We sell on Poashmark but we are going to sell directly from our website.

Camille: Then you can keep more of the revenue and not give as much to Poshmark


  • Exactly.
  • Also, our daughter lives in Japan so we want to travel there and source items.

Camille: That's great! I am going to your websites to buy some of your pieces. I feel like I am "style-less" and need help. Speaking of which where can people find you?


  • Instagram and TikTok it's ChevysVintage. You can find my Poshmark store at Chevy'sVintage as well. But Instagram is where you can see my daily looks and connect with me.

 Camille: Thank you so much and I look forward to watching you grow your business!

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