EP #46 Founders Over 50 (With Camille Attell & Sir Isaac Smith)

podcast Apr 04, 2023

This series is called "Founders Over 50" and features people who started a business (or even more than one) after the age of 50 years old. It's my birthday month and to honor that I invited a few guests over 50 to share their business journey.

You will find inspiration and practical tips to help you if you are planning to start or grow a business.

In this kick-off episode, My podcast producer, Sir Isaac Smith turns the tables to interview me. I was a guest on my own show!

Here's the overview of our conversation.

Isaac and Emily are "graduates" of Remote Work School and used the experience to start their podcast production business to help people find and connect to their audience.

Isaac: How do you go about turning an idea(s) into a business?

Camille: Going from idea to execution is hard for a lot of people, but it's easier for me than going from starting to scaling. People tend to fall into one of two camps: not having enough ideas or having too many ideas. People need to allow a messy creative process and then let the seeds germinate. You can test your ideas in small ways before you go all in.

Isaac: Did you have any concerns about starting your business?

Camille: I was kind of naive about starting a business. I was never an entrepreneur and my lack of experience is probably why it's easy for me to start a business. I just go but then later it gets hard because it's not just an idea I actually have to grow it in strategic ways. When I finally got serious in business I encountered health issues and later was diagnosed with depression. I learned that that doesn't mean one can't be successful. When you dig deeper and understand why you do something and how it's about other people not yourself, you realize you don't need to be perfect. People over 50 have managed a lot of tough things in life and have what it takes to get through the tough times in business.

Isaac: I am reading a book called The Magic Of Thinking Big and it talks about some obstacles that people face later in life. What do you say to someone who thinks it's too late for them?

Camille: If my friend Richard can do it at 80 years old. you can too. He is one of the guests on the show later in the month. He is working to get his program launched teaching people how to get his art classes online. This year he decided to go all in. He got over the hump and now he is so inspired he has a new idea every day. Watching someone like him makes me believe that people over 50 can do anything they put their minds to. It's not about believing in yourself, it's about getting up and doing the work and ignoring the voices in your head that say you shouldn't. 

 Isaac: Do the voices ever go away as an entrepreneur?

Camille: I don't even identify as an entrepreneur, which is probably imposter syndrome. To answer your question, though, what happens is new voices start telling you new things. The trick is to work through it and keep chipping away at the next thing.

Isaac: Tell us more about Founders Over 50. Why did you want to do this series?

Camille: I wanted to do this is my birthday month and I'm turning 50. Sometimes I am so inspired by people I meet and certainly people over 50. I also want to share it with people because about 7 out of 10 people I work with struggle and I wanted to give them examples of other people who role model what's possible.

Isaac: What were your criteria for choosing the people?

Camille: I wanted to show real people doing real things and not only interview people who are "perfect" or wildly successful. I chose people from 50-80 years old. men and women who have different types of businesses. 

Isaac: Tell us about your goals in the next 2-10 years.

Camille: I want to stop doing the daily tasks so that I can work on the bigger vision. My big vision is a big community of working retirees and I have an equal-sized community of employers, business owners, etc and they can connect easily. I want it to be more seamless between the two entities. I also want to bring more learning to people on earning money in different ways. The last vision is to be an investor in small business start-ups and help get people from idea to execution. 

Isaac: What parting words do you have for founders over 50?

Camille: Everyone's journey will look different. Every person needs to honor their own journey. One of the things that can make it harder is using big fancy words like calling yourself an entrepreneur. Instead, people can take small steps like writing down ideas. Let ideas grow, don't judge yourself, and don't compare yourself. Block out the external world and listen to your inner voice. Start small so you don't think too big and never get started.

Isaac: Thank you for letting me interview you.

Camille: If people want to start a podcast how do they find you?

Isaac: Reach out to me on Linkedin or call me at 785-979-6216. 

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