Ep #42 How Job Families Can Help You See New Opportunities

podcast Mar 07, 2023


In episode #42 we break down what job families are and how they can help you see new opportunities.

A job family can open up ideas for jobs or business ideas.

"Heather" is a great example. She started her career as a virtual assistant making $15 an hour. This is like an executive assistant who does everything from scheduling meetings, calendar management, and even social media coordinating.

She was a mother of one child at the time. This was a great place to start as someone who wanted to work for herself. But the pay wasn't going to be enough. She knew she wanted to do something else but didn't know what was possible.

Heather discovered "job families" which are other job types in the same job family as a virtual assistant. 

Job families are made up of skills, knowledge, and experience as opposed to a title. They share competencies and may be related to the same job function.

Heather was helping clients manage social media accounts. She did an inventory of her skills and then compared them to her skills in marketing. She came up with about ten different roles within the marketing job family that she never knew existed.

After she figured out the skills she did have, she educated herself on a few other skills. Her pay went to $20 and then $25 an hour. Then she changed her title to a "strategist" which really increased her pay.

Heather now runs a multi-million dollar marketing agency. It took her seven years but the point is to use job families to expand your horizons of job and business possibilities!

Do this activity to help you:

1. Write down all of the job titles you've ever had.

2. Write down all of the skills you have now or had in other jobs.

In episode #42, we'll use these lists to help you perform a targeted job search.

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