Ep 38: How To Talk About Yourself Without Sounding Like A Jerk

podcast Feb 09, 2023
How To Talk About Yourself Without Sounding Like A Jerk

Welcome to my first Spoke episode for February! In this shorter podcast, we will take a deep dive into "How To Talk About Yourself Without Sounding Like A Jerk."  If this is your first time joining us I encourage you to do back and listen to episode #37. Episode #37 is a full 30-minute podcast, that I call the wheel, where we covered "How To Reinvent Yourself For Remote Work Or Business."  

In Episode #37 we covered ways to reinvent yourself for remote work or business. You will need to reinvent your skills, your work identity, get up to speed with today's tech, and even your vocabulary when talking with others. This last one is very important since we are working with a multi-generational & multi-cultural workforce.

Today we are going to cover one small tip that will have a big impact on reinventing yourself for remote work or a remote business. Sit down, grab a cup of joe, and let's get this party started.

I know that it can be very overwhelming when you hear me say "reinvent yourself." You don't need to reinvent everything! You just need to get a firm handle on what to say when someone asks you what you do for a living. Despite the fact that we have had "Don't toot your own horn" drilled into us - You certainly do need to TOOT your own horn. Keep it short and simple, and to the point. But, in a minute I am going to show you how to include the prospective client's needs in your summary.

But first here are a couple of bonus tips to add to your job search arsenal:

1). At the top of your resume do not write an objective. Instead, write a summary statement as I described above. This is who you are, what you do, what you can do, and how you can help.

2). The skills section is also another place to list just what you can do. We will cover your skills in a later podcast.

So now back to how to "pitch" yourself to a client, a prospective partner, or a future employer. You need to do your research on who you will be addressing, what they are looking for, and how your skill set will benefit them in the long run. There is a happy medium between tooting your own horn, and including the client's needs.

In the long run, by following my tips you will feel more confident, and not as pressured. You can also practice writing up your own "pitch". Write up different versions for different audiences, and remember there is no wrong way to do this.

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That is all for this week. Next week we will work on turning your struggles into strengths. This is one of my favorite things to talk about. I hope you can join me then.

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