Ep 32: Create Your Reality With Small Daily Habits

podcast Dec 09, 2022
 Create Your Reality With Small Daily Habits

In the series finale, I will share with you how to turn your action items from your life vision into daily habits so that you can bring your vision into your everyday life.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to take your action items, and prioritize them.
  • How to prioritize your action items and make sure they link directly back to your vision.
  • How to take the action item and break it down into something really easy that you can do in everyday life.

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[:35] Welcome back to the final installment of this month's series - all about creating your life vision. If you're starting with this episode I encourage you to go back and listen to episodes 29 to 31 because that is where I set the stage for all the work you are doing this month. 

[0:50] This is bittersweet for me because I am sad it is over, but I really hope that you have gotten a lot of value out of this series. This last episode should put the bow on the final package.

[1:20] Let's recap the work that you have done so far. We started with the house, and then we have the foundation, the pillars, and the roof. The roof has your vision which can be the vision for your life, the vision for the next few years, but it has to be personal for you. 

[2:00] Let's continue using my vision as an example. You remember my vision is "The freedom and flexibility to travel". This might not be the vision for the rest of my life, but this is what it is right now. I then have my foundation of "Self", "Health", and "Wealth", and my pillars rise from there to reach the roof. My pillars looked something like this: for "Self" my one pillar is 

[2:24] My pillars looked something like this: for "Self" my one pillar is "Being a business owner; for my "Wealth" category I had a supporting pillar of "Travel; in the "Health" category. my pillar from that foundation was "Mental Health".    

[2:40] So let's look at my "Health" foundation and my pillar was "Mental Health". My value statement looks like this: "I feel positive and enjoy my life." Now my action item is that I signed up for a sleep study. So to improve my mental health I want to improve my sleeping habits.

[3:00] I want you to take a step back because I don't want you to get overwhelmed. Let's take your action items, and prioritize them. Some of your action items might conflict with each other. This next exercise should help show you where you have competing priorities.

[4:20] Prioritize your action items, but not by what you think is most urgent or important. Make sure they link directly back to your vision.

[5:00] This whole exercise is meant to help you to be more intentional, and live your vision every day.

[5:15] So how would you add these action items into your daily life? Let's take the pillar "Investment" from my "Wealth" foundation. One of my action items is to meet with a financial advisor. How would I make that a daily habit? I could read an investment newsletter for 10 minutes a day, or follow the stock market every day.

[6:15] If I don't make this a daily habit how is any of this going to really happen? The book that I recommended last week "Atomic Habits" has a lot of good points that habits are more powerful than goals. Your goals are only as strong as your commitment to your daily habits!

[6:40] Now you want to take your action items - no more than 5 - and turn some of them into daily habits. For example, if one of your action items is to "Eat Healthier" are you going to eat 5 oz. of protein for lunch every day? It has to be something that you can do every day.

[7:20] You have to take the action item and break it down into something really easy, really simple, and really repeatable that you can do in everyday life. 

[8:00] Anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour daily to be intentional about a few things in your life. If you go back after 90 days you will be amazed at how much progress you have made.

[8:25] I do want to say if my house, foundations, pillars, and value statements seem like too much then here is a simpler version. Walk around and ask yourself "what am I doing today for myself", "my health", and "my wealth". If you can answer those questions with a little bit of clarity for those areas then you are headed on the right track to living the vision that you see for yourself. I can be that simple.

[9:20] Work on your health, your wealth, and yourself on a daily basis so you can live the vision of a life you want.

[9:25] Thanks for listening. See you next year!

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