Ep 31: How To Turn Your Vision Into Reality

podcast Dec 09, 2022
How To Turn Your Vision Into Reality

In this spoke episode, we are going to dig deeper into what a life vision is, and how fun it is to create one. Together we will take a look at the 'roof' of your house and work on improving it. If you didn't catch Episodes 29 & 30, which are the first in this series, go back and give them a listen before starting this episode. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to create action items from your pillars to further support your roof because that is where your vision lives.
  • How to break down our rooftop vision into something more tangible
  • How to take the vision and the value statements and turn them into reality.

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[:35] Welcome back to this third installment of how to create a life vision. If you're starting with this episode I encourage you to go back and listen to episodes 29 and 30 because that is where I set the stage for all the work you are doing this month. 

[0:55] I am having fun with this series, and I hope you are too! I know sometimes it can be challenging, but it is rewarding. When we finish this series you will feel more inspired, and clear about the vision that you see for yourself.

[1:25] The three-spoke episodes are the nuts and bolts of this series where we go over the how-to implement building a life vision.

[1:38] Today we are going to start with the house. We have the foundation, the pillars, and the roof. Today we are going to re-visit the roof because that is where your vision lives. In episode 29 you wrote your vision on your "roof". 

[2:00] If you remember my vision is "The freedom and flexibility to travel". This might not be the vision for the rest of my life, but this is what it is right now. 

[2:35] Today we are going to break down our rooftop vision into something more tangible. If we take my vision and break it down it would be something like this. How do I want to travel - by plane, train, or RV? Where do I want to travel? How often do I want to travel? How long do I want to travel? If we don't have a clear vision because if we don't then we lose the intentionality of everything we are doing.

[3:45] Now let's revisit my foundation of "Self", "Health", and "Wealth", and the one-liner value statement as an example for our next step. For my "Wealth" category I had a supporting pillar of "Travel", and my value statement was "I have the means to travel where and when I want". Now I am going to create 1 to 3 action items

[4:50] From our value statements we will create 1 to 3 action items. Once again using my example of "Travel" and the value statement "I have the means to travel where and when I want" one of my action items could look like this: Create a savings account specifically for travel. Keep it simple, and what will work for your situation.

[5:50] Don't put dates on these, don't make them complicated, and don't force yourself into a goal. It is so easy to get set up into goal setting, but that isn't what this is about. No pressure is the goal here.

[5:30] Next we will tackle the "Health" category. My pillar from that foundation was "Mental Health". My value statement looks like this: "I feel positive and enjoy my life." What is one action step that I might take? Well, I signed up for a sleep study. So to improve my mental health I want to improve my sleeping habits.

[7:00] So that's it! That's all you do. Create one to three action items per value statement. We are taking the vision and the value statements and turning them into reality.

[7:25] Next week we are going to take those action items into tiny little habits. There are studies that say that habits are more powerful than goals.

[8:00] A great resource is "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. If you are enjoying this series then this might be a good read for you. I know I enjoyed it.

[8:40] I will see you next week for the final episode where we will put everything together. Have a great week.

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