Ep 28: The Epic Retirement Bucket List with Julie Chickery

podcast Dec 01, 2022
The Epic Retirement Bucket List With Julie Chickery

In this bonus episode, I am joined by special guest Julie Chickery. We will discuss Julie's new book "The Epic Retirement Bucket List: 150 Globe Trotting Ideas To Inspire Your Next Chapter". 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why she wrote a book even though she is retired, and why this particular subject matter?
  • Julie contends that it's not too late to try to accomplish the topics she has included in her book.
  • "You can take your passions, and keep growing them. Retirement doesn't have to be boring!"

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[:40] During the month of November we concentrated on turning a hobby into a side business or supplemental income. Today's guest, Julie Chickery has done just that. I first met Julie back when I was RV'ing, and we became business partners with Full-time Freedom Week. You'll get to know Julie, find out why she wrote this book, and how she turned her love of writing & exploring into supplemental income.

[1:50] A warm welcome to Julie! Grab your cup of coffee, relax and let's spend some time discussing what you can do in the next phase of your life. 

[2:40] Before we get started let's have Julie tell us about herself. She was in the Air Force for 20 years, and that is what ignited her love for exploring & trying new things. When Julie and her husband, another 20-year Air Force Veteran, retired they decided to full-time RV. After traveling for a number of years they are now once again in a house, but continue to travel in their rv.

[4:40] I am sure there are some people here who would love to hear your story about full-time RV'ing and then buying sticks & bricks home while still part-time RV'ing. We'll save that for another show.

[5:10] Now, let's get into the book! "The Epic Retirement Bucket List: 150 Globe Trotting Ideas To Inspire Your Next Chapter". I love this book, and yes I did read it from cover to cover! Let's find out why she wrote a book even though she is retired, and why this subject matter.

[6:25] Julie states that she, like a lot of retirees, still wanted to do things whether it is work or volunteering, or babysitting her grandchild. She was recruited to write the book and her obligations had decreased so she had the time to undertake the project. Julie outlines the recruiting process with us.

[8:30] I think that how Julie was "noticed" by a recruiter through her Instagram profile, and "About Me" blog page, just goes to show us that these are a great way to showcase our work history just like a resume.

[9:15] That brings us to why this subject for your book. How did you arrive at this subject? Julie states that the publisher uses data about what readers are looking for, and approached her with the topic already established. Retirees today are looking for immersion experiences, and that is where this topic springs from.

[12:00] Let's get into the way this book is designed. How the chapters were chosen, and the ideas/subjects that are in each chapter?

[15:00] Let's dive deeper into chapter #1 - "Go Exploring". Here is just one example: Visit an exotic rainforest (in Costa Rica). How did Julie choose this particular idea? From researching the cost of travel, ease of traveling to Costa Rica, and the fact that Costa Rica has different kinds of rainforests. What was one thing in that chapter that Julie has not tried? The answer might surprise you - A road trip through the mighty five National Parks in Utah.

[18:20] Let's move on to Chapter 2 - "Eat, Drink, & be Merry!". I have actually done #46. Julie wrote "Dine In A Mountainside Restuarant in New Zealand". I waitressed at a restaurant there when I was backpacking through New Zealand & Australia in my 20s. Find out how Julie comes up with the ideas for this chapter and all of the chapters.

[21:50] As a side note Julie includes links for all of her ideas throughout the entire book. An easy way to Learn More about each subject. The whole book is a trip planner, educational, and inspirational.

[22:16] Chapter 3 - "Embrace New Experiences". I haven't done a lot in this book - maybe 10% - but I have done one in this chapter too. Hike to Kilimanjaro. Now I did make it to the summit, but not everyone can do that. Julie offers tips for taking a day hike.

[24:30]  Let's look at Chapter 4 - "Give Back". This chapter combines adventure and giving back which I love. The one that caught my attention was "Foster Grandparent"! While I will never have grandchildren I feel this is a way I would be able to share my wisdom and experiences with them. This chapter's topics are not all geared toward travel they can be done from home.

[27:30] The final Chapter is 5 - "Challenge Yourself". These are things that can get people out of their comfort zones. The one that scares me, and one I should probably try is "Learn the art of aviation". What would you say to people like me who are scared or timid to try one of the ideas in Chapter 5? Julie said just "dip your toe, and try it". 

[31:00] The one thing that Julie is trying to show her audience with her ideas is that it's not too late to try to accomplish the topics she has included in her book. I love your book, and I will commit to going up in a plane, and I will get back to you about my experience. 

[32:20] I am coming off a month of podcasts on how to turn a hobby into a side business or supplemental income. Julie did not intentionally set out to write a book as supplemental income, but it turned out that way. She also found out she does enjoy writing and wants to continue to do so. 

[33:40} The book will be on the out on shelves November 29th. So by the time this podcast airs the book will be available in paperback and on the Kindle platform. Don't forget it would make great Christmas Gifts!

[35:50] Any final thoughts, Julie? "You can take your passions, and keep growing them. Retirement doesn't have to be boring!" What a great note to end on, Thank you for joining me! All the links will be in the show notes!

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