Ep 27: Easy ways to test the market for your digital product or service

podcast Nov 08, 2022
Easy ways to test the market for your digital product or service

In this third and final spoke episode, we explore how you know if the market is right for your digital product or service. I will give you ideas so you can test the market to find that out! If you didn't catch Episodes #24 through #26, which are the first in this series, I suggest you go back and watch them first.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Not to overlook this important step in turning a hobby into a side business or supplemental income.
  • Ideas to test market your service or product without a marketing budget.
  • Different ways to network to test market the feasibility of your digital product or service.

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[:30] Welcome back to the final installment of my series all about turning your hobby into a side business or making supplemental income. Today we are going to talk about how to test the market for your new digital product or service that is based on your hobby. 

[1:05] I know we have been talking about mistakes that people make when starting a side business based on a hobby, Testing the market is often an overlooked step toward launching your product.

[2:00] If you have been listening from the beginning you will remember we have brainstormed different ways to make an income from your hobby. We then moved on to tips and tricks for pricing your digital product or service depending on the level of service you want to offer. 

[3:00] This is a process! It is not a one-size-fits-all that can be completed in a short period of time. I am walking you through the process. What you should have when we are done with this series are some momentum and some starting points.

[3:45] Another crucial step that you don't want to skip is how you test market your product. Don't skip this step! 

[4:40] Just for fun let's take our hobby, and turn it into a group coaching experience. With your step-by-step instructions you have come up with 6 weeks of topics, you are going to charge $297, and are going to take 10 students. That's your business model. How are you going to market it? You could put it out there in a Facebook Group, What are some other options?

[5:55] Start with your family and friends. networking at your church or work, and so much more. You could even start your own Facebook Group. The sky's the limit!

[7:45] Another thing you can do to get the work out is to offer a discount to the first 5 people that sign up, or a free thing at the beginning just to make it worth their time. 

[8:15] These are the seeds of marketing that do not take a marketing budget, but can start earning you supplemental income. I told you at the beginning not to go from a hobby into a side business. Go from a hobby to supplemental income to a business. These are the stepping stones that will lead you to build a business later (if you decide you want to).

[9:00] If you want to keep it a hobby that you make some supplemental income from, Great! Do what brings you joy and freedom. I hope you enjoyed this series, and I wish you much success. See you next time.

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