Ep 25: Get your ideas from your head onto paper

podcast Nov 08, 2022
Get Your Ideas From Your Head Onto Paper

In this spoke episode, I help you get your hobby (that you want to make into a side job/get supplemental income) from your head, and get it on paper! If you didn't catch Episode #24, which is the first in this series, go back and watch it first.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to get started taking your ideas from your head and putting them on paper.
  • How to establish a clear vision of how you're hobby will help your audience with something they want to learn or make their life easier.
  • How to take your core idea and turn it into 3 to 7 step-by-step instructions that will teach your audience exactly how to do your hobby. Keep it simple!

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[:37] Welcome back to the series about turning your hobby into a side business or making supplemental income. In today's spoke episode I give you specific action items related to the wheel episode. If you haven't listened to episode #24, the wheel episode, listen to that one first because it sets the stage for this episode. 

[1:05] In the past episode I gave you a small activity to brainstorm how to turn your hobby into a side business. Can you teach someone your hobby, can you make a course, can it become a digital product? 

[1:35] If you didn't do the activity, no worries, but I will encourage you to go back and do it when you have a chance.

[1:45] In this episode, we are going to take these great ideas and move them from your head into something more concrete. A lot of people tell me they just don't know how to get started when they want to start a side business. Well, stay with me and I will show you how.

[2:05] Let's rewind to when I first met Brandi, and how impressed I was that she told me first off how we were going to work together. She had a clear vision of how she was going to help me reach my goal of learning to sew, and eventually repurposing clothes.

[2:55] Having a clear vision of how you will help your client(s) is one of the most important things you can do as you start your side business. I am going to show you how to take your core idea and break it down into 3 to 5 phases or steps

[3:45] Here is an example of how to do this. We have a photographer who likes to take nature pictures on her iPhone. She has lots of people ask her to teach them how she does it. So how does she handle this? How would she tell other people to take an awesome picture of a sunset? Start with step #1: Pick the location. Step #2: Pick the dimensions - horizontal or landscape. Step #3: Set up where you are going to take the shot. Step #4: Take some practice shots. Step #5: Take the actual shots. Step #6: Edit photos. Keep the steps basic and short. This is a great starting point.

[5:40] If you have some sticky notes do this exercise using them. As you work out the steps it will be easy to move them around, crumple them up, and have a great visual of your steps.

[6:15] By doing this creative process you can see how these step-by-step instructions can become a digital product, a course, or a one-on-one class. What else could you do with these ideas?

[7:30] If you don't skip this first step I think you will find this process really simple. We are not breaking down every step of the process, only listing 3 to 7 steps of how to start your hobby, and follow it through to the end. Keep it SIMPLE!

[8:45] Now next week we will use these steps as a springboard to pricing, marketing, and much more. See you next time.


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