Ep 23: 3 Steps to start your first remote work income stream

podcast Oct 26, 2022
3 Steps To Start Your First Remote Work Income Stream

In today's 10-ish-minute episode, I share 3 steps to start your first remote work income stream. If you haven't had a chance to listen to the whole series I would suggest going back and listening to episodes 20 through 22. The answers from the previous episodes' homework will help you start your first remote work income stream.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The additional 3 steps you can take to start finding your first remote work income stream. 
  • How to access your skills and things you like to do and turn them into a service.
  • The building blocks to expand your income stream after you nail down your first one.

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[:45] Today we will finish up our Remote Work Income Streams podcast series with my 3 steps to start your first income stream.

[1:00] Hopefully you have listened to the previous episodes and have done the quick assignments because they will definitely help you with this last step.  

[1:15] Here's a little recap from the previous episodes of what to avoid, the pitfalls you can encounter if you pick the wrong income streams, and how the quick activities I gave you to do will help you NOT fall into a remote work income stream that doesn't make you happy.

[2:18] It is very important that you focus on things that you really enjoy, not just what you could do, should do, or what people tell you to do because that will put you right back on the hamster wheel.

[4:00] Let's take the work that you did from episode #21, and build on that. Scenario #1. In a year's time if your income stream brought in $100,000 what are you willing to risk for it? Are you willing to risk time? Money? Keeping listening for the details.

[2:50] I hope you took the time to do some risk and reward scenarios. What are you willing to risk to achieve your remote work income stream goals?

[3:35] Now comes the fun part - implementing what you've learned so far. The number one thing that I have seen over all my years in the workforce is to turn something you like to do into your first income stream. is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started.

[5:00] Let's take a look at 3 people who have taken their skills to create their first remote work income stream. Here is how Kathy, Issac, and I have created successful income streams by taking our skills and turning them into a service.

[7:30]  You don't need a fancy website or expensive software to start your income stream. you do need to know how to price your services. After that get an email address & a way to accept payment. 

[8:16] These are all the building blocks you need to expand into other remote work income streams. From digital products, coaching, and courses. The sky is literally the limit.

[8:40] Everybody wants to know how to get started so let's spell it all out. Start with listening to episodes 20 to 22, and doing the activities. Then let me add to that list. What do you REALLY like to do? What do people say you're good at? After brainstorming & listing all these ideas what can you offer as a service?

[10:49] These possibilities are your jumping-off point for how to turn this all into a service.

[11:18] Now that you have all these resources I want you to DM me on Instagram with your ideas and I will give you guidance as to whether your ideas are viable. After that, you can check out my Remote Work School.

[11:55] I hope this series has inspired you to take action to pursue your goal of finding the perfect remote work income stream. See you next time.

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