Ep 21: Building Remote Sources of Income

podcast Oct 12, 2022
Building Remote Sources of Income

Welcome to my first Spoke episode. In this shorter podcast, we will take a deep dive into how to build various sources of remote income. If this is your first time joining us I encourage you to do back and listen to episode #20. Episode #20 is a full 30-minute podcast, that I call the wheel, where I share my journey on how I accomplished my diversified remote income streams. Now let's dig deeper into building remote sources of income.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • A recap of my three income streams from Episode #20
  • My secondary income streams.
  • What my 3 tips are to help you choose the correct remote income stream.
  • How to use my 3 tips to help pinpoint your best remote income stream.

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[1:00] Today is the first spoke episode where I will dive deeper into specific topics from the main podcast, and give you specific tips.

[1:07] I want to recap my 3 primary remote work income streams that I share with you in Episode #20.

[2:35] Last week I forgot to share my secondary income streams. These are income streams that I could switch to if I wanted to. I want to build up my Affiliate marketing income stream, and build up my More Than A Wheelin' blog.

[4:15] I want to share with you the biggest mistake that people make so you can avoid making it too. I don't want you to pick an income stream that you want to focus on yet.

[4:56] Instead I want you to follow my 3 easy tips to find an income stream that brings you joy and freedom.

[7:53] When you combine my 3 easy tips this will clarify what income streams that are the right fit for you.

[8:14] I would like you to go through my 3 easy tips this week. Next week we will build on this with my practical tips on how do you access which income stream to start with. 


[8:35] Thanks for joining me today. Have a great week friends!!

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