Ep 17: How To Start and Grow a Highly Profitable Blog

blog Jul 26, 2022
Profitable niche site

In this episode, I interview Jon Dykstra from FatStacks Blogging. We talk about how to start and grow a profitable blog to the tune of five figures a month or more!

Click here to read about and join Jon's Niche Site Profits course (affiliate link).

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is a blog or niche site
  • What makes a blog profitable
  • What works and what doesn't work to grow it
  • How much work it would take, realistically to replace your full-time income
  • Jon is opening his course, Niche Site Profits on July 25th

Here’s what you can find in this episode:

[:42] Introduction to how I learned about Jon from FatStacks blogging. I believe that starting and growing a blog can be a great retirement plan. Jon is opening his new blog course called Niche Site Profits and you can join me for a 30-day add-on experience called “Blog and Brew” to help start off on the right foot.

Click here to learn more about www.morethanawheelin/com/fatstacks

[1:45] What the heck is blogging anyway? Jon defines it: first, there is the “influencer” style of blogging which is more about you. Now it’s expanded into “niche” site(s) which is more about a topic rather than a person. Jon runs both, but his main business is the niche site.

[3:51] Jon gives us more about his background. He started as a lawyer and always enjoyed non-fiction writing. A little over ten years ago he started blogging to attract more clients. Then he learned about all things related to blogging. This led him to decide to become a full-time blogger.

[5:00] I share what drew me to Jon and his style of blogging. I recap how he was in a traditional career and then made the jump to blogging. I reference how a lot of the people I serve come from a traditional background and trying to figure out their next step.

[6:42] I ask Jon why he thought blogging was a viable opportunity then and is it still now. Job talks about the debate of whether or not blogging was easier then vs. now. The answer is both yes and no. It is easier from a technology perspective now, but more competitive now. He shares how it’s a good fit for him because he enjoys writing. But you could also hire writers if writing isn’t your thing.

[8:30] I ask Jon how a blog actually makes money. He didn’t quit his law job right away until his blog career took off. In the beginning, he made money with affiliate marketing. You have to figure out the monetization potential. I recap by saying hobby blogging ends up becoming a full-time job.

[10:08] I ask Jon to share ways that a blog earns a good income. Job says the easiest ways are affiliate marketing and display ads. But you have to have traffic to make either of these work. He likes display ads more. Affiliate is tricker because there may not be buyer intent vs. display ads earn more because buyers are looking for things specifically.

[12:09] I share why I was attracted to Jon’s content. I was in a few blogging courses when I learned about Jon. I share how I started with blogging and got stuck with all the jargon. By then I was so deep in that I felt pigeonholed on my one blog that already felt like I had built it the wrong way. I liked the way Jon presented blogging as an exploration as opposed to a perfect science. This was the freedom I was hoping blogging could give me.

[14:49] Jon shares how he writes about anything within his niche. His approach is to cover a topic as broadly as possible. He wants to help, entertain, and provide value. 

[16:25] I talk more about what affiliate marketing options could be. Everything from Amazon, to specific digital products, or networks and programs. The publisher (you) makes a percentage of every sale and today there are more options than ever. I bring it up because if you don't have the traffic in the beginning, affiliate marketing could be a way to start to at least earn income. Jon agrees that this is a good point. You could get to four figures a month pretty quickly with this approach. He still likes the ad model over this.

[20:00] I share how I am shifting to the ad model now. In the beginning, I got a bit lucky and distracted, built an email list, and started selling my products and course business. Many of my RV friends are making massive incomes - five figures and even six figures a month from staying focused on the right things. Jon agrees that the #1 thing you need is the right focus to make this happen.

[23:29] I ask Jon if he thinks that blogging could provide a good income for people in retirement? He thinks they are ideally suited for it because their phase of life takes the pressure off. It can become a good side job and provide good retirement income, too.

[24;45] I say that remote work is the new retirement plan. I work with people who were forced into retirement, not able to work how they used, taking of themselves or someone else. They are looking for different opportunities. Maybe blogging doesn't fit everyone, but for some people, it’s a really good choice.

[25:48] I ask Jon what is realistic income that someone can make from a blog? If you wanted to replace an $80,000 annual salary. Jon breaks this down by article type and how many articles it would take. 250,000 visitors per month at $30 per visitor. The question isn’t how long it takes, it’s how much content you need. It could take 12-24 months depending on how much time you put in. Jon is averaging $80,000 a month from his blogging endeavors.

[28:30] I ask Jon more about his blog course. It’s called Niche Site Profits by FatStacks. He teaches the strategies we talked about in this interview. He lays out what he covers in his course. I have been in the course for a few months, and am using it to reboot my blog.

[30:15] I share how I am an affiliate for Jon’s course, and am creating a companion experience called “Blog and Brew 30–day Experience” so that you start off on the right foot of your blog journey. 

[31:55] Parting thoughts from Jon be patient, stick with it, and you won’t regret it.

Click here to read about and join Jon's Niche Site Profits course (affiliate link).

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